As the only remote-controlled boat cover.

Our curtains and hardware are perfect to use in boats, sailboats, yachts and even cruise ship cabins and common areas.

Fully automatic boat cover, takes you to the fun faster. As the only remote-controlled boat cover.


Push a button and walk away.

. / Tech. Protect your boat from sun.


You can expect to pay more for the cover if you have a larger boat. As the exclusive Touchless Boat Cover dealer, we have installed and serviced our local customers since 1998. The fabric top and sides can be customized to meet the desired color schemes: either a single tone for the entire cover, or a two-tone option.

Applicable in all weather. Save.


With our automatic boat covers, you can cover or uncover your boat.

. The Touchless Boat Cover® is a handcrafted, premium boat protection system that is engineered for superior protection and unmatched convenience.

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Handcrafted, fully automatic, remote-controlled boat cover/protection system.

Our state-of-the-art and remote controlled are made for boats up to 44 feet and larger.

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. Touchless Boat Cover. The touchless boat cover is made of a high-quality material designed to last. You can expect to pay more for the cover if you have a larger boat. It provides the very best protection for your boat’s interior and gel coat.


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With over 20 years of research and refinement, we craft a product that boasts elegance and delivers the performance necessary for the marine environment.

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The price of your ship will be determined by the size and material of the body.